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Edactik Pro

V4.1.0 - Powered By Moodle

Experience social learning you've learned to expect from Edactik, the content you love from Marefa Digital powered by decades of LMS and LXP experience.


Give your team the Tailored experience they deserve.

With Edactik pro, every user gets access to the community driven social learning experience from Edactik, coupled with the following pro features:

  • Customized user interface
  • Curated access to eLearning content
  • Learning plans and competency mapping
  • Cloud enhanced access to video content and course assets.


Get real-time insights on your performance.

    Get accurate insights on your teams performance with auto-generated reports and monthly check-ins and updates.

  • Custom LRS solution linked to your private instance of PRO
  • Curated data feed and custom tracking metrics
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities for admins and instructors
  • Low-latency signals and alerts that work in real-time or on a schedule.

Impactful Learning

Edactik Pro offers a unique tailored eLearning experience powered by Marefa Digital's eLibrary, Content development team, and eLearning consultants. The engagement, reporting and dashboard tools utilize a multivariable framework that measures and analyses learning impact, coupled with a digital platform and e-content packages that are personalized to create best fit learning experiences for users and teams.

Take the Experience on the go

Edactik's social learning experience goes mobile on IOS and Android, visit the app stores and access your social learning communities wherever you are!


Help & Support

Edactik Pro's team is dedicated to providing its enterprise users with a unique custom experience, custom reporting, and grade A user support.

Every instance of Edactik Pro is fully customized based on the organization's learning journey, competency framework, and learning objectives. As such each instance as a dedicated integrated LRS system.

Yes, our team of content developers, instructional designers and animators are ready to build your eLearning courses using our own content development framework.

Yes, Edactik pro's subscriptions include guaranteed uptime, scheduled updates and maintenance.

Yes absolutely, every Edactik pro account includes access to Edactik's community driven social learning experience on web and mobile.

Absolutely, our dev team will tailor the experience based on your desired user flow and brand guideline.